A CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software must offer maintenance managers some unique options for quick and efficient solutions. So, before choosing the ideal CMMS, you must consider some things. This content discusses some features of this maintenance management software and its components. You can keep these considerations in mind going forward. They include scalability, flexibility, customization, and data importation.


A scalable software program must have the ability to either expand or contrast to help you actualize your maintenance requirements. Go for a CMMS that’ is incredibly scalable because it will offer you efficiency and practicality whenever there are additional commitments on your system. This includes but is not limited to storing more data and linking more users to the system. When choosing a CMMS (based on its scalability), consider the costs based on any projections in how your system will be used.

Flexibility and Customization

Every organization has a unique way of managing its maintenance activities and it changes regularly. Similarly, maintenance management will likely look different in the next 12 months thanks to technological advancements and business needs. When reviewing your maintenance software, remember that the short and long-term impacts are important. Every angle should be considered so you can make the right choice. Make sure it can be customized to fit into your plans and how your team works presently and in the future.

Data Importation

Maintenance data is important in any maintenance software management system. Go for an option that offers CMMS data importation. Choose a CMMS that gives you a way to import your present data into new systems on-demand. It shouldn’t be an issue if the data in question is stored in databases, spreadsheets, or a different CMMS system.


One CMMS system that meets all the above recommendations is Yuman.io. It doesn’t just help you store data, but also helps boost collaboration among different parts of your workforce.